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Two simple moves are enough to get you carried away on this trip, just open the cap and serve in a glass with ice.

 With love for tradition and Greek products, each bottle hides a Greek recipe made from genuine raw materials. It is a strictly natural relationship of love and knowledge, ready to drink in a glass. All the aromas and flavors of the Greek land come to life, simply by opening the cap.

Fruits, essential oils and herbs overwhelm you and guide you on a journey of senses, which unlocks your most vivid memories.

Five different cocktails with attention to detail. The packaging is made in a 200ml glass bottle (two servings / bottle), that aims to be the new fashion and the first choice at a special moment at home, at a house party with friends or at social events.


1. Bitter Sweet  | Gin Based Cocktail  22% vol. - 200ml (2 cocktails) | Bitter sweet with chocolate and herbs notes along with freshness of a melon.

2. Med Smash | Gin Based Cocktail 18 % vol. - 200ml (2 cocktails) | Sweet and sour combined with freshly extracted strawberries, lime and fresh mediterranean herbs.

3. Double Punch | Mastic Based Cocktail 18 % vol. - 200ml (2 cocktails) | Mastic combined with greek fruits of the forest, chocolate and bitter.

4. Blind Pirate | Spiced Rum Based Cocktail 22 % vol. - 200ml (2 cocktails) | Rum with greek oranges extracts, lime and bitter almond with vanilla and spices notes.

5. Luna Park | Vodka based Cocktail 18 % vol. - 200ml (2 cocktails) | Combination of Cotton candy memories, apricot liqueur, vodka and lime.

The most successful stories start with small ideas, passion and love. South Village VeeVee Project is one of those stories. Distillation of Vogatsikou 3 team, which is distinguished in the field of barrestaurant service and cocktail art, is filtered by the prestigious and award-winning distillery, Myromeni Vatos, to serve an authentic house drinking experience. This collaboration gives birth to VeeVee Project, while “South Village” arises from the geographical location of Greece, the key place in our history, on the map of Europe. South Village represents the premium cocktail experience of Greek products, which you will want to enjoy wherever you are.