Each Vatos is
100% handcrafted and produced
from natural extracts of fruits and herbs,
genuine without any chemical preservatives and artificial flavoring.


In utter gratitude, we cherry-pick exquisite fruits and herbs from Greek land and selected local markets, as the base for each Vatos drink.


The extraction

During the extraction method, the fruits and herbs are blended with natural pure ethyl alcohol 96-97%. In this mixture -without expiration date- the alcohol traps, preserves and matures all the beneficial substances, essential oils and aromas of the fruits and herbs involved. The extraction process is carried out in tanks placed in dark rooms and lasts up to 3 months.



 The extracted fruits and herbs get pressed and separated into solids and liquids. The liquids are getting finished with consecutively filtering, to isolate the sediments, in order to get the extracted substances in the most crystalline form. 


The recipe

 Each Vatos drink consists of 12 to 38 extracts of fruits, herbs & spices. The secret recipe, which characterizes each category, gives the singularity of its character, which makes it unique.


The finish

 The finished product contains up to 22% vol. of net ethyl alcohol per liter and the sugars up to  30 ° Brix. Sugars are derived from the fruit’s sugars.


No expiration

 Our products have no expiration date.